Saturday, October 4, 2008

What To Call McCain Supporters

Looking at the statistics for my page, one of the most popular ones seems be the Palin Dumb Quote Generator. It appears that people just really enjoy using those things. So, in the same spirit of fun, here is the Conservative Insult Generator. Here are some of the choice ones that came up when I played with it:

obnoxious Constitution-shredding Busheviks
un-American FOX News-humping gasbags
erectile-dysfunctional military-wrecking chickenhawks
delusional dissent-stifling theocrats
unmedicated civil-liberty-seizing totalitarians

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Luiz Felipe De Nardi Goulart said...

Obrigado amigo pelo seu acesso em meu Blog .
Não conhecia seu Blog, achei muito interessante, mas me pergunto: Há toda esta liberdade de expressão nos EUA? Boa sorte com sua campanha.. hehehe

Abraço do Brasil.