Thursday, October 2, 2008

McCain Complains About Moderator

As I am sure many have you heard, Republicans suddenly got all upset about Gwen Ifill being the moderator for the VP debate. In fact, McCain said on Fox:

“Frankly, I wish they had picked a moderator that isn’t writing a book favorable to Barack Obama — let's face it."

Two quick things. One, who is "they." When they have debates, the two campaigns get together and negotiate the various aspects of the debates. One of the things they negotiate about is who will moderate the debates. So if McCain is wondering who picked the moderator and agreed to her, well McCain, look in the mirror.

Two, since no one has read the book (it's hasn't been published yet, and Ifill says she hasn't even written a chapter on Obama yet), how can McCain know it is favorable to Obama? Seriously, how does he know? If the best he can come up with is that Obama's name is in the subtitle, then I have some news for him. There's this great blog called "Straight Talk on McCain," and although it has McCain's name in the title, it's not favorable to him.

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