Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Voter Fraud

I have no doubt that voter registration fraud exists. Hey, they just busted a Republican for it not far from my house. But since we are hearing so much about ACORN, you might be interested in this video.

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FEMily! said...

Conservative ideology is based on circular logic. One of the tenets of conservative philosophy is a pessimistic view of the individual. They believe that voter fraud is a problem with individuals -- that isolated individuals will intentionally rig elections -- because people are inherently bad. Conservatives also believe that people are stupid, so conservatives don't feel bad when they lie to the people. People are inherently dumb, and there's nothing you can do about that, so you might as well take advantage. Finally, conservatives believe that government is bad, so leave democracy up to private institutions. And since Republicans are so great at screwing up the government, they ruin the country and say, "Told ya so."

The truth is that it's the giant corporations that make voting machines and powerful groups like political parties that are much more likely to rig elections. So Republicans basically tell the people that people are bad, intentionally keep information away from the people because people are too dumb to handle it, demand that the people trust corporations over the people that they've elected, and blame the government when voter fraud occurs. And the cycle continues with the Republicans telling us that it's the fault of stupid people who don't know how to push a button or punch a hole when elections are rigged.