Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Palin and Sexism

One of the things that the McCain campaign has complained about is their perceived sexist treatment of Palin. I'm not saying it might not exist. But the McCain campaign also has to take some responsibility for this. As the Time article shows, McCain supporters are not above using sexist rhetoric when it's to their advantage.

"We too are saturating Facebook,"says York, whose group [a college Republican group in Florida] has reached out to younger voters with slogans like "Vote for the Hero and the Hottie," referring to McCain and his running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

So Palin's great selling point is her looks? Can you be any more demeaning? And this if for real. You can buy shirts, stickers, and mugs on the Internet with the slogan. So it's a bit hard for the McCain campaign to complain about sexism when they're more than willing to use it to buy the votes of young men.


tafka said...

Amazing isn't it? But, to be expected. How many shots did the GOP take at Kerry for his appearance?

How many times have Hillary Clinton's looks been denigrated?

These folks are all-style, no substance, all hat, no cattle.

Makes me sick.

CarlieQ said...

It is just another tactic like all the others to prevent anyone from getting to know the VP candidate and learning her qualifications. As a woman, I personally feel insulted by her.

During her VP debate she flirted with America, the men of the GOP, and many fell for it. Sorry sweetie, a wink wont get me to see past the fact that you are a moron. And by doing so, flirting with everyone who will fall for it, you are bringing sexism into this race.

Badda Being said...

Being judged by one's looks is no more demeaning to a Republican than being judged by one's inherited wealth -- a thoroughly uncontrollable and contingent fact about the person that's elevated to a moral attribute -- because, you know, it speaks of the blood that flows in one's veins. It's a Medieval sort of associationism.

tangobaby said...

What's so interesting about this is that it's okay when they do it themselves, but when you call them on it, it's denied.

Kay Dennison said...

Sigh! I can believe the lows they are approaching. I find her appalling -- she's set back the women's movement 50 years.