Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Fellow Prisoners

Calling people at a rally "My fellow prisoners" today might mean one of two things. One, he knows something we don't and plans to throw a lot of us in jail after he is elected. Or two, since he likes to constantly throw out that he was a POW, it's now becoming impossible for him to even know when to use it appropriately. I'll let you decide.


Ingrid said...

One of my fellow bloggers actually ends up living three houses down (we found this out afterwards) and her having been a counselor for 20 plus years noted that McCain exhibits ptsd symptoms. Now it would not be a far stretch to think he was having a momentary lapse when he mentioned that 'my fellow prisoners'..what was that??
Like you, I'm an Independent and originally from Holland so I cannot vote anyway. As you mentioned on my blog though, I too was raised to be respectful and shaking hands is about the most simple, basic ways of being courteous. Now I'm a parent in the business of raising kids so when I see 'childish' or 'rude' behaviour, I cringe thinking that what I'm teaching my kids, might not always be considered the norm. There are a lot of rude people and even for those who are not rude, that kind of behaviour from politicians (the smear tactics and out and out lying) ought to be totally unacceptable. It only happens because people allow it to happen.
That is why Palin is 'happenin' mother in Holland is just appalled at the stupidity of those Americans giving 'that one' (hehe) even the time of day..
civilized behaviour matters..
thx for your comment on my blog's nice to get new perspectives..if you're an Independent, I can email you some links to other independent (more knowledgable about independent politics here in the US than I am) blogs..

take care (back to my daily grind [s])


Mama, I Want to Blog said...

I agree with the previous poster. Definitely some PTSD symptoms going on here. "Prisoners?" I mean come on. Not trying to sway your vote, but the independent/undecided voters must seriously examine their options. Only one of two people will be the next POTUS. And my vote will not be wasted on this POW nut job.

James L. Greenlee said...

Without a more thorough release of McCain's medical records, we can only speculate. I mean, could using "prisoners" for "Americans" be Freudian? Aphasia? Dementia?

Or maybe he's just taken his running mate's tendency for "word salad" speeches to a new extreme.

Captain Crab said...


I agree! said...

thank you for commenting on my blog, i thought the same exact things!!! im really hoping its the latter and that he is just senile

tangobaby said...

Either way, it's not a good answer. If he is suffering from some sort of mental disorder, his decline seems to be accelerating.

KATE EVANS said...

PTSD and/or dementia. My mom has Alzheimer's, and one of her first symptoms was a misuse of words. It's a classic symptom, according to someone I know who is a world-renowned neurologist. He says he's certain McCain is in the early stages of dementia. I think so too.