Monday, October 20, 2008

McCain and Voter Registration Fraud, Part Deux

I'm supposing McCain really is giving up on his reformer image. It appears that his campaign has given $175,000 to Lincoln Strategy with the objective of "registering voters." Nathan Sproul, who now heads Lincoln Strategy, used to run another company with his name on it, but it become well-know in Arizona for its dirty politics. And although there were many witnesses to Sproul's company's mishandling of voter registration forms, Bush's Department of Justice didn't seem all that interested in investigating them. Some states, such as Oregon, did launch investigations. Here's a new article on Sproul being hired by the McCain campaign.

"Eric Russell, who worked for a Sproul & Associates group called Voter Outreach of America, said he had personally witnessed his boss take out eight to ten Democratic registration forms from a pile and shred them in Nevada."

And that's who McCain has working for him while he complains about ACORN. Let me state again, any fraud is wrong and should be condemned, but it seems strange me to that McCain just wants to know what "ties" Obama may have to ACORN, however tenuous, but he somehow doesn't say a word about the guy who is directly receiving a check from himself.

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Kay Dennison said...

Definitely furthers the hypocrisy of the McCain campaign!