Sunday, October 12, 2008

Palin Does Like Pork, If It's For Her Kitchen

This year the Juneau Christian Center got $25,000 for a new youth center from the Alaska state government. Not a lot of money I agree, but it's interesting to note that anti-pork Palin approved the money. It should be further noted that Palin wrote an official endorsement letter, on state letterhead, to the legislature asking them to approve the money as well.

However, a year before, Governor Palin vetoed the exact same request. Her reason for the veto? She claimed it was "not a state responsibility" to fund such a request. So what changed in only one year? What made her go from saying it was not a state responsibility to something that she personally needed to endorse on official letterhead? It seems she started attending the church and started citing the pastor as a spiritual mentor. Or perhaps she had a massive change in how she views the government's role in society. One of the two.

As for the kitchen, Palin approved over $600,000 of state money to be used to build a kitchen in a small town hockey arena. Where is the hockey arena located? You guessed it, Wasilla.


ojminutes said...

"A Girl's Gotta Eat!"

Kay Dennison said...

Why doesn't this surprise me? Why are those who are so emphatic in proclaming their Christianity so un-Christian in their behavior?

I'm glad you stopped to visit me and like you, I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I was leaning toward voting for Ron Paul who makes sense to me but with Ohio being a swing state and it's close, I think I am going to have to go Obama.

I will NOT support any ticket with Miss Alaska on it.

At any rate, I am delighted to meet you and have enjoyed what you're saying here. I hope you visit me again after the election when I'm not so crabby.

fairlane said...

They're not "Un-Christian," they're human.

The problem lies in the fact that they pretend otherwise.

Nothing they do is the least bit surprising.

Kay Dennison said...

No it isn't but greed is one of the 7 deadly sins and they are guilty at the expense of those who put them where they are and that's pretty damned un-Christian to me. Wait a minute -- ask any fundamentalist -- Catholics aren't Christians. Silly me -- I lost my head for minute.