Monday, October 13, 2008

They Really Are Mavericks

According to this article from Washington Monthly, the McCain/Palin ticket will be the first major party presidential campaign in all of US history to have both candidates been found guilty of violating ethic standards before the election. I guess if you know what corruption is first hand, you're better able to deal it with as president. At least that's the spin I would put on it if I were McCain and Palin.


Dave G said...

Just wanted to tell you I loved the graphic of John McCain on the masthead of your blog.

Seen this one yet?

Badda Being said...

I'm torn in my feelings for McCain. On the one hand I find the man utterly despicable, but on the other hand to be outraged is to accord him enough moral agency to at least possibly redeam himself, and I'm not sure anymore that we're justified in doing so. He's just a poor old codger. It's hard for me to relate to him anymore as a human being rather than as a pathetic animal that, having rampaged freely for a while and rattled the other cages, has finally been cornered.

It's the vitriolic Palinites that really disturb me now.