Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mistake Number Three

Why not make the subject heading a reference to an old 80s pop song? Anyways, to continue my felon of the day theme for a third day, I give you yet another of McCain's associations with convicted felons. And if it helps you form an opinion of McCain's character, I will point out that McCain once said of the man, "I think he is a role model."
So what did Cindy McCain's father do that earned him this praise from McCain. Well, first Jim Hensely had an affair and abandoned his first wife. (We can see why McCain would think that makes someone a good role model.) He then had help from the mafia to get started in business. Hensley owned a racetrack with his brother and another man, Clarence Baldwin. Problem being was that Baldwin was an illegal bookmaker and had been banned from being a partner in the deal. It also appears that mob boss Kemper Marley was a financial backer in some respect. Even though this was made public, Hensley still got a race track license. Hmnnnn.
It was also strange that Hensley managed to get a liquor license in 1955 to become a beer distributor. This is where the convicted felon part comes in. In 1947, McCain's father in law was convicted on federal charges of conspiracy and seven charges of filing false liquor records. You would have thought he would have learned his lesson, but again in 1953 he was indicted on charges of falsifying liquor records.
So this is a man that McCain believes is a role model for young Americans? I guess he has to say that since it is the very same man who bankrolled him when he became a politican.


rdl said...

Wow! Now i didn't know that! but i guess there is alot about him that i don't! Interesting blog will come back and read more.

Kay Dennison said...

Again, why doesn't this surprise me? I'm going to give you a shout out at my blog tomorrow. This stuff is pure gold!