Monday, October 6, 2008

The Keating Five Revisited

I know I already had one post on this subject, but since the McCain campaign is so into associations nowadays, we might as well bring it up again. There's a new website called Keating Economics that should be able to fill you in on the details of McCain's friendship with this convicted felon. (Friendships with convicted felons two days in a row, I might have to rename this blog)

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thelegacymaker said...

The Obama camp definitely had this ready-made web documentary explaining the whole Keating Five scandal just waiting for McCain for as soon as he started to act too ridiculous. I doubt they would have played this card had McCain not started with all the Rebb'n Wright and Ayers crap, but it's good to know they were proactive and ready just in case.

One guy put it...despite how you spin the facts, it all boils down to this: McCain was investigated by Congress. Obama is guilty by association with a guy who did some pretty heinous stuff while little Barry was still in pullups. You make the call.