Sunday, October 19, 2008

Former Member of Bush Cabinet Endorses Obama

It's not really big news when someone, no matter how big they might be, endorses someone from their own party. That someone such as Clinton is endorsing Obama, or Bush is supporting McCain, that's not really surprising. That's why Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama today is a big deal. Powell is a Republican, and of course was Secretary of State in George W. Bush's cabinet. He is highly respected by both sides, and perhaps his speech at the UN aside, not many people question his integrity and honesty. I have no doubt this was a difficult decision for Powell, as even just last year he gave the maximum donation allowed to McCain to run in the primaries.
However I am particularly troubled by McCain's statement:

"It doesn’t come as a surprise," McCain said. "I'm very pleased to have the endorsement of four former secretaries of state, well over 200 retired generals and admirals. I've admired and continue to respect Secretary Powell."

It doesn't come as a surprise? Powell's a Republican, gave you money to run for president, was in the cabinet of the current Republican president, and it's doesn't surprise you that he endorsed your Democratic opponent? It would surprise me, and I'd be a bit angry. Or perhaps McCain realizes how badly he has ran his campaign, and figures "hey, can't blame the guy for wanting to get away from this train wreck."


Kay Dennison said...

I've always admired Colin Powell as a man of honor and conscience. He really proved it this morning. I'm sure Obama is delighted.

And my neocon ex-suitor will say --"yeah, those you-know-whats always stick together." A year ago he was telling me that McCain was an idiot. Now he and his buddies are rallying around him. I keep reminding myself that God must have loved hypocrites because he made so many of them. Sigh.

FEMily! said...

I think what General Powell said leading up to the endorsement was more important than the endorsement itself. I definitely love me some "take the party back" Republicans.