Monday, October 20, 2008

Voter Registration Fraud

By now, most of have you heard about ACORN and their alleged involvement in voter registration fraud. McCain and company have done a good job of bringing it up and trying to tie it Obama. However, McCain should be honest and condemn it whenever and wherever it happens, and by whomever. As you can see in this article and this article, McCain's party is involved in alleged voter registration fraud. What makes it even more complicated though, is that while ACORN does their voter registration independently of political parties, the person involved in this alleged voter registration fraud was paid directly by the California Republican Party. Now, I don't condone voter registration fraud, and I think people should use their time more productively. But McCain needs to get off his high horse, and realize that not his side involved in voter registration fraud, but also voter suppression, such as caging, which I find much more despicable.

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Kay Dennison said...

AHA! I am not a registered Democrat but I have been asked to serve as an 'observer' in one of the precincts here in Ohio for the Obama organization on Election Day. The person who recommended me, I was surprised to learn, said, "I know with her keen eye, she will see far more than I did."

Am I going to do it? After reading this post, you betcha! And after the mess down in Franklin County where some predominately black and Democratic precincts were 'conveniently' not counted in 2004, you can bet I'll be watching to see that it doesn't happen here. I think anyone who interferes another person's right to vote, deserves to be charged with "high crimes and misdemeanors."