Friday, September 19, 2008

Racist Obama Money

This is the bill that was being sold by the Snohomish County Republicans at the Washington State Fair. I am not sure how many people really got to see it when the story first came out, but I thought it was pretty telling. I'll readily admit that I believe McCain had nothing to do with the bill. However, to the best of my knowledge, he also hasn't condemned the bill. When Obama brought up the notion that it might be brought up that he was Black during this election, the McCain campaign immediately said he was playing the race card. Well guess what McCain campaign, when members of a an official county branch of your party are selling this at a state fair, your supporters are engaging in racism. Let's call it what it is. Dressing Obama in Muslim headgear and using Ebonics on the bill is racist and bigoted. So surely when informed, the State Chair of the Washington Republican Party condemned these tactics, right? Here's what the article said:
State Republican Party Chairman Luke Esser knew nothing of the bills until called by a reporter.The state party does not provide or sell such an item to the county organizations, he said, and he does not endorse the party selling those types of items.He did not criticize Snoho­mish County Republicans for doing so."I don't want to micromanage," he said.
Don't want to micromanage by not telling members of your party not to engage in racism? Pretty much says it all up, doesn't it?

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