Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cows Say Moo

One of the ways we can gauge the judgement of candidates is to look at who they may have appointed to positions in their administration in the past. It's not foolproof, but you get a good idea of how they think.

So when the job of of director of the State Department of Agriculture came up, Plain had to make a choice who to give the job to. She decided it should go to one of her childhood friends, Franci Havemeister. Nothing evil in and of itself in that, especially if Ms. Havemeister had the qualifications for the position. Except she didn't. She was a real estate agent. So what was touted as her qualifications, other than being a friend of Palin. According to an article I found:

"Franci was fascinated with farms and particularly milk cows as a young person. After moving to the valley with her folks, she was immersed in a community filled with many farm families. Not surprisingly her fascination with cows and farms eventually introduced her to her future husband, the son of dairy farmers. "

So, let's get this straight. First, she likes cows. I like soccer, but I don't think that makes me qualified to he head of FIFA. Second, she lived somewhere where there were farm families. I live on a block fulls of cops, am I qualified to be the chief of police? Last, she married the son of dairy farmer. I married the daughter of Mexican immigrants, can I be the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement? Heck, I'm doubly qualified for that position, I also went through customs the last time I came back from visiting my wife's relatives in Mexico.

Hey wait a second. I shouldn't be talking all this smack about Palin. If McCain really does win, maybe she will get him to appoint me to head ICE since I am doubly qualified. Watch out D.C, I'm jumping on the gravy train.

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