Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Obama's an elitist?

Apparently the Republicans are going to make Obama out to be an elitist. Interesting. Historically, the elite in the US has been made up of rich White guys. There's nothing particularly controversial in saying that, just part of our history. And who made up the Republican convention?

Net worth of delegates. Over 50% of the Republican delegates said they had a net worth of over $500,000. 34% say it is over $1,000,000. What's the US median net worth for a family? About $100,000. Not too many people from my block seem to have been in St. Paul.

94% of the delegates are non-Hispanic White, even though non-Hispanic Whites make up only 68% of the US population according to the Census Bureau. There was some controversy a little while ago because Dean said the Republicans were the White Party. Draw your own conclusions, but people of color were sorely lacking from the convention.

Women. 32% of the delegates were women at the Republican convention. I am sure you know that women are the majority in the US. I don't know why the Republicans would have twice as many men as women at their convention, but it would be interesting to ask them.

So the Republican convention is made of rich White men. And they want to say Obama is an elitist?

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