Monday, September 29, 2008

McCain Changing Tune on Regulation and Bailouts

You have to hand it to McCain. When everything's good, he's for deregulation. When it goes bad, he switches over to being for regulation. We used to call that opportunism, but since McCain is a straight talker, hell, it's still opportunism.

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Heather Annastasia said...

I recently heard someone being interviewed in Ohio (my home state) saying that there were a lot of issues, but ultimately he had to vote for McCain because he's anti-abortion.

Do these people have amnesia??

These are the people who voted for Bush in the 2000 primaries because Bush was anti-abortion, and McCain didn't think it was a government issue!

Now McCain says, I'm... against... abortion, and I think...Roe v. Wade... should be overturned, and *poof*, he has the Christian vote.

Abracadabra, baby.

Compromising his integrity is the only reason he's still a viable candidate.