Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Maverick on Earmarks

McCain makes a good bit of noise about being against earmarks. And if he truly believes they are wrong and stands against them on principle, well good for him. So what does a maverick who is fervently against earmarks do? Pick a vice presidential running mate who runs a state that leads the nation in receiving earmarks per capita. (Alaska received $506.34 per person) According to the Wall Street Journal (no liberal rag), in the two years that Palin has been governor, she asked for nearly half a billion dollars (that's a 5 with a bunch of zeros) in earmarks. And if you're thinking Alaska needed the money, think again. This year, every person (including children) got a check for $3200 due to Alaska's oil revenues. You would think that people who don't like the federal government and believe in local government wouldn't be asking for federal money and instead be using their own money to pay for projects in their state. But alas, that's asking for a consistency that they sorely lack. Just look at McCain's VP pick.
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