Sunday, September 28, 2008

McCain Ad on Debate

Please watch this and tell me what the heck point McCain is trying to make. Obama agrees with McCain that we need more responsibility, and that's his big "Gotcha" moment? The earmarks process has been abused? That's controversial? McCain is upset that Obama realizes that the process has flaws and could use some tweaking, and you criticize him for that? Obama recognizes that at least on paper (I'll leave the whole discussion about effective tax rate for another day) business taxes are high, and that's a bad thing? That's at least three straws McCain is grasping at, I wonder how many more there will be.

But the end of the commercial is what gets me. "Is Barack Obama ready to lead? No." I am just going to be charitable and assume that no one in the McCain campaign ever took a logics class. So if someone agree with you on three things, they aren't ready to lead? But if you agree on those same three things, doesn't that mean you McCain are not ready to lead either? Or is McCain trying to make that unless Obama disagrees with him on everything (no matter how inconsequential), then he can't be president? Guess what McCain, mature adults can agree on some things and disagree on other things, and it has nothing to do with capacity to lead. Only an immature child would think otherwise. Don't believe me? Play this stupid game. "Hey McCain, Hitler says the sun is hot, ice is cold, and we need air to breathe. What, you agree with Hitler?" I am being absurd because McCain is being absurd. I've been watching political ads for a good two decades now, and this one probably has to be near the bottom for its lack of logic.

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Badda Being said...

The point of the ad is to portray Obama as a pushover, but it only succeeds in portraying him as respectfully "reaching across the aisle."