Tuesday, September 23, 2008

McCain Campaign Doesn't Like Being Called Liars

So apparently some of McCain's campaign aides got together and had a little conference call because they didn't like being called liars. They said they wanted the press to look into some of Obama's problems and then provided some examples. The funny part? The statements made by the McCain strategist were not true.

"His (Biden) son is a lobbyist for the credit card and banking industry,” Schmidt said.

Biden's son is indeed a lobbyist, but not for the credit card and banking industry.

When this was pointed out a McCain aide said that the reporter was “quibbling with ridiculously small details when the basic things are completely right.”

Ridiculously small details? The whole sentence is a lie. But here's a tip to the McCain campaign. If you are going to have a conference call where you talk about not liking being called liars, try this out out: don't tell lies during the conference call.

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