Saturday, September 27, 2008

DAV and McCain

McCain spends a lot of time talking about his love of veterans. He made it a point to say as much in the debate this past week. As a veteran myself, this issue hits a little near the bone. My personal views have changed a little since I was in the Army, but I still respect those who were my fellow soldiers. I had thought I could say most of what I wanted to say on this issue in one post, but I realize now it will probably take several. So over the next few weeks, I will post about different aspects of McCain's treatment of Veterans.

Today, we will start with the Disabled American Veterans. This is a non-partisan group chartered by Congress. They rank members of Congress based on their support of issues that concern the DAV. One would think that McCain would be up there near the top in the latest rankings. Maybe even a 100 out of 100. He's not. He gets a whopping 20 out of 100 from this veterans organization. Obama? He received an 80 out of 100. So if nothing else, Disabled American Veterans seems to have some pretty big issues with McCain's support of veterans.
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