Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not Doing Your Job

Awhile back we heard all over the news how Obama had missed so many votes. It was interesting because they chose to only cover a certain period. Instead of being selective, I looked on the Internet to see who had missed the most votes in the current Congress (110th). Expecting it to be Obama, imagine my shock when I found out it was....................


According to the Washington Post who tracks these things, McCain has missed 63.8% of the votes in the current Congress. Ok, you say, surely Obama is second. Nope. In second place is Sen. Tim Johnson. What makes this tragic is that Johnson had a brain aneurysm and was unable to show up for work for several months. And that guy still showed up for more votes than McCain. If I remember correctly, as a taxpayer I am paying McCain's salary. It would be nice if he showed up for work once in awhile.

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Anonymous said...

That's BS. This is why people hate politicians. If I wanted to run for office, I would have tot ake time off from my job. But if you're a career politician, you get paid to just keeping running for office.